Women's Jewellery Dubai

Women are practically identical with the wearing of jewellery. It is the item that sweetens the performance and increases the pride of women. With such great fond of woman toward diamond, the jewellery industry in the world is flourished. So many manufacturers are established to satisfy the demand of women all over the world. Women’s jewellery industry becomes so promising. In many culture, women have the privilege to wear more jewellery as the symbol of their beauty and wealth. That is why the style variations and the designs of jewellery for women tend to be greater than those for men. The market of this industry is therefore never silent. In Dubai, whose number of jewellery store is the greatest in the world, women can satisfy their shopping desire to get the best jewellery. So many types of jewellery are available, either it is manufactured by local company or international brand, the products of jewellery from women is always at its best quality. The motifs are also varied; there are classic traditional types of jewellery and modern design one. Among so many materials available for jewellery, here will be listed some types of jewellery which are so demanding in Dubai and in the world.

Gold Jewellery
The number of creation of jewellery from gold is particularly limitless, especially those which are designed to match women’s taste. Gold is widely used, since it is a precious metal which is available in many choices. Yellow gold is the most common and massive jewellery, followed by the white gold and rose or pink gold. Some jewellery uses pure gold as its main material, some others are alloy with some percentage of different metal.

Platinum Jewellery
The rarest metal in the world, Platinum, is considered as pricey and high-end product of jewellery material. Since the number of the material itself is available not in satisfying amount, the price of platinum jewellery for women is therefore quite expensive. People own this kind of jewellery not only because they fond of the beauty of the metal, but also because it offers higher prestige and recognition by the people around them.

Silver Jewellery
Although the price of silver in common is not as high as the jewellery from gold or platinum, but the whiteness of the metal becomes distinctive attraction for people who love to get more efficient jewellery with the same level of beauty. Sometimes, special creations of silver-ware are even pricier than gold. Surely, wearing silver jewellery in special occasion will not let people down.

Diamond Jewellery
Diamond is known as the best friend of women, and indeed, many women cannot resist the charm of the precious gemstone. As the hardest stone in the world, diamond does not only offer durability, but also beauty and attraction which are distinctive from the other kind of precious gemstone. Diamond jewellery is often made with the combination of gold of all kinds and platinum, with diamond as the eye. The 3C properties of diamond are the standard of the diamond’s value.

Pearl Jewellery
As the God’s gift from the deep ocean, pearl becomes a semi-precious gemstone which is highly valued by its enthusiasts. The recent creations of pearl jewellery are very attractive; they have colorful surface such as white, pink, and even blue and black. Dubai used to be very rich because of pearl as its main favorite community and now it is trying to build up the glory again through the large collections of pearl women’s jewellery.

The other kinds of jewellery are jewellery made of semi-precious metal and semi-precious gemstone such as titanium and amber. Since Dubai’s jewellery market is very huge, any creation of the jewellery will be easy to find. There are so many stores selling various products of jewellery for women, prior to the range of price people desire to have. From the cheapest to the most expensive collections, Dubai has them all. The first place to go, is always, the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira. It is the most convenient place to find a lot of creations of jewellery for women. In Shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall, BurJuman Centre, and the Mall of the Emirates, women’s jewellery is very common and easy to meet too. That is why it is always nice to have jewellery shopping in Dubai.

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