Wedding Rings Dubai

The sacred ceremony of wedding is still considered very important in any part of the world. The significance of the day makes people want to give all the best they can to make the ceremony becomes more festive. Other than the ceremony, the party, and the costumes, another important thing to think about is the wedding ring. In many culture, exchanging ring is still the basic symbol and important element of the wedding procession. Since most people in the world are going to marry someday, there is no way that the ring business will out of its place. Dubai culture also considers wedding as a stage that carries important meaning in the life of its localities. Wedding ring therefore becomes an important thing that should be prepared; it should be the best rings that the wed couple can get. The ceremony itself is usually held in the summer, on which the best weather of the year will come and entertain people with the possibilities of holding the party in the outdoor.

Since Dubai is called the city of gold and it equals to the heaven of jewellery, there are all sorts of wedding rings sold in Dubai. The common circular rings are the most common product sold in Dubai jewellery stores. The plain ring with minimalist decoration of simple craved motifs is the most common ring to find in the city. Yet, there are also big rings decorated with complicated gemstones sold. The choice of the ring will be on the hands of the going-to-marry couple. There is a possibility that a couple in Dubai does not wear the same kind of ring. This is because the Quran rule that Muslim men cannot wear gold as their accessories. In this case, it might happen that the women will follow the choice of wearing another metal other than gold as the material of the ring or the women will keep wearing gold while the men wear the other material. This should not be a problem anymore since some manufacturers provide personalized rings; with which a couple can order the same designs wedding rings with different materials for the bride and groom.

Diamond ring for wedding purposes is the most popular product. Dubai-based manufacturer which is the special experts of diamond is Samra jewellery. The diamond products by this manufacturer are the high-end collections using either pure diamond or diamond and the other gemstone addition. The wedding collections from this manufacturer are highly demanding and favorited by many couples. The other manufacturer that has fine collections of wedding jewellery is Joy Alukkas Jewellery. This manufacturer is originally making Indian jewellery that has rich ornaments and distinctive designs. Joy Alukkas, in fact, is the first manufacturer which decides to have a special corner for wedding jewellery. It establishes the corner and displays the most beautiful wedding rings along with the best other sets of wedding jewellery.

The other impressive manufacturer is Taiba jewellery, that has a rich collection of rings for any occasion, including wedding. Taiba sure knows how to make the best ring, as the manufacturer itself has created the amazing and the biggest ring in the world, the Star of Taiba. Requesting ring for wedding from this manufacturer will never be a disappointing thing to do. If people prefer international brands to the locals, there are exclusive designer jewellery boutiques established in Dubai such as Tiffany, Armani, De Beers, Swarovski, and the other famous world brands.

Dubai Gold Souk is still the most favorite place to go and find the best jewellery with the lowest price. Dubai Diamond and Gold Park is also a recommended place to search the best wedding rings with the high end quality. Other than those places, shopping malls in Dubai will always become the friend in need of shopping, including jewellery. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and the BurJuman shopping centers are only slight names of shopping malls providing jewellery in Dubai. Shaks the Fifth Avenue and the Bloomingdales are the other perfect alternatives for couples who love more modern and global designs of jewellery.

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