Titanium Jewellery Dubai

Jewellery used to be identical with gold, since it is the old material for jewellery for ages. For recent decades, Dubai becomes the witness of the jewellery industry development. It is not only gold which is flourished to be the world’s favorite precious metal, but also the others. Silver and platinum become the next favorite metal, and recently, stainless steel such as titanium jewellery becomes popular too. Although it is still not as popular as gold and silver, titanium has high potential to gain more popularity in Dubai, and in the world.

Basically, titanium is a low density and strong metal that has the nature of silver color. It can be preferable jewellery since it is corrosion-resistant in many aquatic environments, including sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine. The durability of the color and the metal itself make the metal is possible to be the precious jewellery collections. Not only is the ring, watches with the case of titanium are also well-sold in the market. Since the process of the metal cultivation is not quite hard, many artists work with titanium to manufacture artworks such as sculptures, some unique decorative items, and even furniture.

It is not widely known that people choose titanium jewellery rather than the other materials of jewellery because of its benefits to the body functions. It is believed that the metal’s magnetic property will boost the blood circulation. This function then is used to make the jewellery become a therapy item. The magnetic property will also raise the oxygen level of the blood, so that good impacts happen. The advantage of the property is function to reduce the pain. Not only that, the metal has also inflammation reducing effects after certain trauma or infection.

Diminishing the lactic acid level is the other advantage of the metal. By wearing jewellery made of titanium in certain parts of the body, it is also believed that according to professionals, the metal give better healing percentage if it is dealing with injuries and also better level of central nervous system. With all the advantages offered by the metal, it is not surprising if one day, this kind of jewellery becomes very popular in all over the world. Many sportsmen who have realized the function of the titanium start to use bracelets or watches with titanium as their main material.

The market of titanium jewellery in Dubai is not as crowded as the gold market, however it is estimated that it is a promising opportunity for jewellers. The strength and the light weight of the metal make the jewellery is comfortable to wear. Unique and distinctive reflections of the jewellery make it a good alternative jewellery collection, with cheaper price than the gold. It is a good chance for both customer and seller; good collection with good price and wider marketplace. Yet, some exclusive collections of jewellery from titanium are even pricier than that from gold. It is rust free, durable, and stylish; there is no other thing people’s need other than these properties from jewellery. The aware jewellers who understand how to follow the market and the trend have considered increasing the number of the collection from titanium.

In Dubai, there are many places to find titanium jewellery. Deira Gold Souk is the first place people must visit, because other than titanium, it also has tens other variation of jewellery material that will attract the customers. Taiba, the jewellers who origin is Dubai, comes out with wonderful collection of titanium rings. Popley Jewellers, an Indian/Pakistani jewellersalso manufacture the best collection of jewellery made of titanium. The international store of jewellery also provides various collections of rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Meet Zoppini in the Dubai Mall, Al Hurair, and the Ibn Battuta Malls, it is one jewellery brand that provides complete products from stainless steel, including titanium. Meet also Danat jewellery from Turkey; that distributes and deals with titanium in Dubai. The jewellery market in Dubai seems so unlimited because of its wide variations of jewellery style, designers, and materials; therefore the market for the kind of jewellery is also so large. Just decide what kind of jewellery that you need, fit it to the budget, and soon you will get jewellery that you always want.

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