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Although the most familiar name for Dubai is the “city of gold,” it does not necessarily mean that gold is the only precious metal which takes the most attention of the jewellery trader in the world. Silver is the next popular metal after gold. From its characteristic, silver is a ductile and malleable metal, which has brilliant white metallic luster that can accept a high degree of polish. This character makes silver has the highest electrical conductivity among all the metals and it can be even shinier than the gold itself. Since it has unique, precious characteristics, silver is considered as precious metal, which is widely used as decorating ornaments and even currency. Silverware and jewellery are made of sterling silver that has lower melting point than the pure one. Silversmith technique has been known for a long time ago, and the tradition still remains until today. The art of silver crafts is as rich as gold’s. and the mix of silver with the other metal such as copper makAlthough the price of silver jewellery is much cheaper than gold, the value of the silverware is still high and demanding in the jewellery industry.

Jewellery in Dubai is now available in so many forms. If a long time ago silverware and the other jewellery are used to keep the bad spirits away, nowadays the jewellery and silverware are mostly used as a term of fashion statement and pride. Jewellery now lives as part of human being and culture, and now the trend has been diversified. The significance of silver jewellery in the Muslim religion is quite clear; men cannot use gold as their jewellery, therefore silver is widely used by the Muslim men as wedding rings and the other body decorations. The currency in the Arabian country uses silver too. From these illustrations, silver is very important in the life of human being. In most cases, silver is much cheaper than gold; but in some specific case, the high end quality silver jewellery even costs more than the gold one. The lower price silver which is used for jewellery usually has certain percent copper, but still, the quality is quite good.

Some brands of silver jewellery in Dubai are more preferable for people due to the quality process and products resulted by the manufacturer. Some big names in the Dubai jewellery industry such as Tanyaz, Samer, Loupe, Tiffany, Damas, Taiba, Samra, and Zain, are contributing in the silver industry by producing top notch products of silver jewellery. Each of them has certain characteristics which make their products are worthy to collect, than the other brands. The brand of Tanyaz jewellery manufacture beaded silver jewellery. The combinations of cultivated silver to various forms of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with precious gemstones are also produced with unique and distinctive designs. The brand is very special because all the products are handmade and have designs which cannot be found in the other place other than the Tanyaz’s showrooms. The showroom of the Tanyaz products lies in the Al Kawakeb Bulding complex, Sheikh Zayed road.

Another popular brand, Samer jewellery provides the best quality products of silver jewellery from various manufacturers in its store in Gold Souk Deira and the Dubai Mall. The exclusive brand for silver jewellery is the Loupe; it manufactures and distributes the jewellery in the Gould Souk Deira. Not only the local brand, the international brand such as Tiffany also opens its base in Dubai. The brand is the highest selling brand in the world of jewellery sets, including the silvers. The company opens more stores in Dubai in some big shopping malls and gold souk.

Damas, Taiba, and Samra as the big local jewellery names also give big contribution in the silver trade in Dubai. Therefore the silver marketplace in Dubai is getting festive.

Some choices of good brand of jewellery made of silver are widely available in Dubai. Some of them are specialized in silver, exclusively; but some others are international brands which produce jewellery from nearly all kinds of materials. It is not difficult to find silver in Dubai, great shopping malls and jewellery souks provide all that the silver-enthusiasts need. Great quality jewellery with nice deal of price.

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