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Among so many kinds of jewellery, ring is maybe the simplest yet the most attractive jewellery for people. From a long time ago, the jewellery which is decorating the fingers of every human being is believed to carry some important meanings. The Kings in the ancient Kingdoms were wearing rings as the symbol of their power, wealth, and authority over their Kingdoms. Nowadays, the special ones are also made for, for example the Roman Catholic Pope, certain leader of community, and some people who hold doctoral degree in certain countries. For a married couple, the wedding ring is always the symbol of bound and loyalty, the totem that will make them remember about the promise they make during the wedding ceremony. These are the proof that the jewellery is carrying more value than just an ordinary meaning. Such value of rings makes many manufacturers are competing to give the best quality product for the customers, either it is product for daily use or special occasion. In Dubai, finding the right one for you could be quite complicated, since there are so many collections you can review on. Precious and semiprecious metals are used as the main materials to make the products. Below will be listed some popular materials to make the rings.

As the most common precious metal to make jewellery, gold is very popular among any society. It is because the value of gold is relatively stable and it also has so gravitating beauty. Gold is quite easy to be cultivated and form, therefore the designs of ring made of this material looks like so unlimited. There are the jewelled and plain gold creations. The jewelled one is usually the combination between gold and gemstones as the eye of the ring. Diamond is still the most popular gemstone. Dubai jewellery brands such as Samra and Damas have the finest collection of diamond jewellery and they could be good references for you. Other than that, Taiba has made an astonishing creations of the giant rings, displayed in its main showroom. Najmat Taiba or the Star of Taiba becomes the largest gold ring of 21K, weighting 63.856 kg and studded with 5.1 kgs of 615 Swarovski gem.

Platinum is unquestionable the rarest precious metal to make jewellery and it is collected by people who can afford the high price of the jewellery made from this metal. Since the existence of jewellery from this metal is very rare, therefore it often becomes the symbol of someone’s pride. Usually, a manufacturer such as Joy Alukkas or Damas jewellery, produces the platinum collection as limited edition. This exclusiveness leads people who can afford the product to buy it and put it in their private honorable display.

Some people cannot wear gold for religious reason and cannot afford to buy platinum as well, therefore silver ring will be a great saving boat for them. Famous silver jewellery manufacturers are for example Tanyaz and Loupe jewellery. Fine collections of silver jewellery are also very precious these days, as silver has the shiniest white reflection among metals which are used as jewellery. The price of silver is particularly lower than gold or platinum, but some of the exclusive silverware collections may also be as pricey as the more precious metals.

Stainless Steel and Titanium
People who are born allergic with some precious metals of gold or silver may choose stainless steel collections as their main jewellery collections. Titanium is also a kind of beautiful metal for jewellery. The price titanium jewellery collection is very friendly and the variations are also varied. Traditional craftsmen from Dubai are making stainless steel jewellery as part of original culture from the region. Therefore, this kind of jewellery can be charming merchandise for your beloved ones.

If you are talking about place to buy remarkable rings in Dubai means talking about the rich complex of the Dubai Gold Souk. The special market always becomes the foreign tourist gravitation in terms of jewellery shopping. The other places to buy jewellery in high end quality are shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and BurJuman Centre. The Dubai Diamond and Gold Park is also a good place to find your special rings.

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