Platinum Jewellery Dubai

Meet the priciest metal in the world and also the rarest jewellery material of today; the platinum. In the jewellery market of Dubai, platinum jewellery is not as highly bought as that from gold because the products are usually limited and exclusively made for each series. Platinum is a precious metal commodity and largely used in jewellery as 90%-95% alloy. For its reputation as the rarest metal, platinum is considered as the symbol of exclusiveness, pride, and wealth; more than gold. For instance, "platinum" cards are highly appreciated than the "gold" ones. Most awards also give "platinum" higher than the position of "gold". In the metal industry, the price of platinum though, is more volatile than gold. It can raise and drop according to the economic condition of the world. Economic stability leads to the high price of platinum while the economic uncertainty will force the price of the platinum to drop.

Although having business in the platinum field will bring much fortune, the entrepreneurs need to be extremely careful since the price of the metal is not as stable as gold. In the past time, before the metal named platinum was known, gold held the main position as the real symbol of wealth and luxury. When platinum arrived, it soon replaced the gold’s prime position. One reason why platinum has higher value than gold is because of its complexity in the cultivation of the metal. Gold is a metal which is quite easy to form, while platinum is a stubborn material, which is harder to work with. It needs twice period of gold making to manufacture products made of platinum. This fact makes the platinum jewellery is rarer, having higher quality, and having higher prestige than the gold one.

The nature of the metal is shiny silver color; non-experts will not be able to say and identify the difference between platinum, silver, and white gold. In the eyes of the experts, platinum has slightly more specific shine than the other two silvery metals. Although the popularity of the jewellery made of this material is not as high as that made of gold, this kind of jewellery is preferred due to its hypoallergenic property. This advantage is taken by the jewellery enthusiasts who have allergy to gold or its other alloys, so that they cannot wear gold jewellery.

The choice is taken since the platinum is save for any kind of skins and the metal has more “friendly” contains that are not endanger the skin. Yet, since the price of the platinum jewellery is quite high, only those whose budget let them to afford the jewellery will say that it is the best alternative of jewellery for them. The other thing that makes platinum so popular is because if its durability. The metal will not oxidized and its color will not change in almost every environment; not like silver and some gold alloys do. The whitish color goes best with diamond; since the surface will not reflecting any suspicious color from the metal to the gemstone. There is no worry about scratch because the metal is very hard, yet very easy to mend. Some hypoallergenic alloys used to create platinum jewellery can either be palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, or osmium.

Manufacturing platinum jewellery is the jewellers’ pride; the products will become exclusively sold commodity that will bring a lot of fortunes. The Dubai jewellers such as Joy Alukkas and Pure Gold jewellers have the largest collection of jewellery series made of platinum. Some international brands which are available in Dubai also provide the product of platinum; the brands are for example De Beers, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, and so on. Shopping malls in Dubai are the recommended places to find such products, other then more specific jewellery market such as Dubai Gold Souk or Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

Since Dubai has the most number of jewellery stores in the world, it will not be difficult to find platinum jewellery in the city. Yet, keep in mind that the platinum jewellery is still the rarest kind in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising if the products available are relatively exclusive and expensive. Since it is the symbol of pride, it will be worthy to have it though.

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