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People may have a symbol for their personality and as old as the tradition of jewellery, people have started to express that symbol in the form of a solid totem. Wearing pendants is one way to express that symbol. Considered as a form of jewellery, pendant can be used as brooches or charms hanged on the necklace. It will perfectly decorate not only the clothes, scarf, or even handbags, but also the hijabs used by most of the Muslim women. So, the item carries not only aesthetic but also practical value. There are so many designs of the items and jewellery manufacturers usually make them based on the recent trends in the society. Apart from that, classic and ethnic designs are still very popular. In Dubai, the traditional design and motif are greatly influenced by the Middle Eastern, Indian, and Arabian styles. The uniqueness of the design will not be found in the other part of the world; that is why pendants from Dubai will become a very distinctive merchandise and gift. Surely, with so many facilities of jewellery shopping, finding ones will not need a lot of effort.

The jewellery manufacturers can produce pendants in either separate series or in one set, together with the other kind of jewellery. The exclusive sets of wedding jewellery may contain this item as welll, as the perfection of a bride’s performance during the holy wedding ceremony. Since the item is very demanding, not only by the local people but also by the city visitors, there are so many jewellery stores provide the products. The Dubai Gold Souk is the first recommended venue to find this thing. Hundreds of jewellery store are lined in the complex of the souk and sell different kinds of pendants. The materials available are also varied; started from gold, silver, platinum, stainless-stell, and even wood. The designs ranged from the ethnic traditional design to the modern and more sophisticated style.

The Dubai Diamond and Gold Park is a special "park" for the jewellery enthusiasts to play around. Not only does the place give huge occasion for both seller and buyer to do convenient transaction, it also offers different amenities and additional facilities, so that people will feel comfortable and have a great experience of one stop shopping and holiday. The other places to recommend are the shopping malls available all around Dubai. The Dubai Mall has special complex for jewellers to display their best collections. The Ibn Battuta Mall and the Mall of the Emirates also have several boutiques of jewellery that provide high-end products of pendant. The other places are Wafi Mall, Al Ghurair City, and Jumeirah Beach Center.

For adult woman, the most popular products are usually designer pendant by famous brand. The motifs are usually inspired by the beauty of nature. Among so many popular precious metals, gold is the most popular one. This is due to the fact that gold is very durable and owns some variations of color. Yellow gold is the most common jewellery,and the white gold is following the popularity. The rose or pink gold which is just found not long ago steals the market’s attention for its uniqueness and natural beauty. For people who are allergic and cannot wear gold for some reason, for instance Muslim men who cannot wear gold, silver and the other materials will be good preferences. Silver has the most whiteness among the other metals and platinum is the rarest choice of all. Pendants for children usually even more varied. Since the main concern is that the jewellery will be safe, the manufacturers will choose safe, nonhazardous materials for it. The motifs are quite a lot since kids’ interest will change from time to time, then craftsmen should think of different and colorful jewellery, which is different for every season.

In Dubai, as is stated before, traditional motifs become the distinctive feature of the Dubai’s jewellery. Yet, since the city has become the base of the world’s jewellery trade, famous international brands which offer more modern and sophisticated design are also available in many of their showrooms in Dubai. So in short, whatever pendant someone is looking for, Dubai will give nothing but the availability of it.

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