Pearl Jewellery Dubai

There are clearly some good reasons why Dubai is widely known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. Basically, it is mainly not because Dubai itself produce large amount of pearl, although it is one good reason of why it is, but it is because Dubai becomes one of the leading pearl traders in the world. There is an International league of pearl sellers, that gathers the pearl traders all around the world, and Dubai clearly has exceptional numbers of pearl sold in the area. The significant numbers of the pearl trading is due to the fact that Dubai has unique collections of pearl jewellery with the best quality materials.

Historically, Dubai people used to live as fisherman. The natural resources were mainly gathered from the sea; fishing was the main way to earn the living. The revolution happened when the high end quality pearls were found to be at the bottom of the Persian Gulf, precisely by the shores of Dubai. The pearls then began to be exploited by people who realized the value of the precious materials and started to create pearl jewellery and sell it. For a while, pearl became the iconic totem of Dubai. When the water of the Persian Gulf was polluted and becoming a pearl-crisis, the pearl market in Dubai was in a great shock. The economy was recovered by the discovery of oil in the area; and with the strength given by that economical growth, Dubai pearl market was also being recovered. The jewellery trading was rebuilt. Now, Dubai has the biggest jewellery market, with pearl jewellery as one of the most favorite commodity of the jewellery trade.

The value of pearl as jewellery is determined by the performance and the purity of it. The considerations of good pearls include the combination of the luster, size, color, the symmetry of the form, and the perfection of the pearl’s surface. Flawless pearl will cost higher than the pearl with some scratch on its surface and the perfection of luster becomes the main determination, whether the pearl has a higher quality or not, to be cultivated as pearl jewellery. Bigger pearl with real purity will be more valuable than the smaller one, moreover if the pearl has a perfect round shape, which is usually rare and precious. In Dubai, there are some variations of pearl jewellery, with uniquely different shapes of the pearl. Basically, there are eight kinds of pearl shapes; they are round, semi-round, button, and drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled. If you are clever enough, you can find all of the shapes in the Dubai jewellery market.

To witness the journey of pearl and pearl jewellery in Dubai, there is the Dubai Pearl Museum. The museum lies in the Dubai Exhibition Centre. It exhibits large collections of rare and valuable pearls and gains huge success for attracting so many visitors each year. The pearl wonders such as Tahiti Black Pearl or the Australian Pinkie Pearl are the examples of precious pearl collections in the museums. The other occasions to witness the charm and the attraction of pearl are during the Dubai Jewellery Week or the other Dubai events (Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai international jewellery events, etc). Those events are good time for the pearl jewellery collectors to visit, since there will be thousands collections of the jewellery with pearls exhibited.

Talking about the brands that produced jewellery using pearls, some big names such as Damas and Joy Alukkas should be mentioned. Those Dubai jewelry brands produce jewellery with precious stones, including pearls, in the highest quality. Damas owns distinctive collection of Black and White South Sea Pearl and the great collections from Mikimoto Pearl brand. Masaaki pearl brand is offered exclusively in Dubai by Joy Alukkas. The other brand, Liali, has gorgeous collections of pearls in its brand of Petite, Sakura and Kimono. With this fact, it is clear that not only does Dubai have complete collection of pearl from its native area, but also from all over the world. Top notch pearls are not difficult to be found in the area since they are gathered from all over the world. Traditional motifs of pearl and the contemporary modern jewellery are available in interesting pricings.

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