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Women are always befriended with great jewellery. It makes them look pretty and attractive, more than their usual appearances. In Dubai, jewellery has become more than just part of tradition; it becomes a common lifestyle and the accommodation to express someone’s pride and dignity. Necklaces, as a form of the common jewellery, are widely used by women in any area. The collections of necklace for women in Dubai are nearly unlimited. So many designs made by Dubai’s artists and international craftsmen are available in so many jewellery stores available in Dubai. It is not a difficult job to find anybody’s favorite design there. Necklaces in Dubai are not only sold individually, separately, from the other kinds. There is also jewellery sold in sets, including the necklace. The variety of the sets is very large, that no one will ever out of option. The problem, then, is not in the finding the collection, but in choosing the one out of so many choices.

Dubai is always famous and proud with the collections of fine jewellery available in the city. In any part of the world, mentioning gold will directly refers to the city of gold, Dubai. Not only does the collections of gold that become the trending topic in the jewellery market in the whole world, but also the collections of diamond and the other precious gemstones. Today, the industry of jewellery in Dubai has gained the absolute position in the world. Necklaces, as a form of jewellery, gain the same development, along with the advance of the jewellery industry in Dubai.

Gold Series
As reflected in its name as the city of gold, the gold necklace is very common. The premium metal by which most of the jewellery in this world is made is the largest metal to make necklace. There are three variations of the gold series, they are the yellow, white, and the pink ones. The metal goes very well with decorators such as gemstones. Diamonds are the most common gemstones; and it goes very good too with opal and topaz. The combinations are simply breathtaking. Gold series are also very sweet when they are combined with exclusive collections of pendants and charms from various gemstones or the other metals. All Dubai jewellery brands such as Taiba, Samra, Damas, Joy Alukkas, and the other international brands have gold series.

Silver series
In many Arabian countries, in which Islam men cannot wear gold as their jewellery, silver becomes the preferable materials for them. The sustainability of the material is very popular. The necklace from silver is usually sold purely, without any jewelled part, because the beauty shine of the silver is the main charm of the silverware. In Dubai, the best brands to refer the silver jewellery are Tanyaz, Samer, and Loupe Jewellery. They provide pure, top notch products with distinctive designs for their loyal customers.

Jewelled Series
Jewelled necklaces are quite popular because it offers more than basic colors of jewellery, which are gold and silver. Precious or semi-precious gemstones are commonly used as the jewel. The most popular one is obviously the hardest stone in this world, diamond. Diamond necklaces are very popular because they bring not only beauty, but also pride. Many people who can afford the collection say that the premium quality necklaces are those which use diamond. Samra jewellery should be the main references for the diamond collections. Pearl is the other popular gemstone. Pearl is the symbol that nature gives many things to be cultivated by human being. Dubai used to be the number one player in the pearl market, and it is trying to gain the crown back. Tanyaz and Loupe are two fine manufacturers of pearl jewellery.

Look no further, Dubai has all kinds of jewellery someone need to find. Just visit one out of many shopping malls in Dubai, and necklaces shall be available in any of them. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta mall are the most popular shopping malls in the city. Don’t forget also the Dubai Diamond and Gold Park and the Dubai Gold Souk; the real facilities of jewellery shopping. They are all providing high end products with the nicest deal of price people can find, even in the international jewellery market.

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