Mid-East Watch & Jewellery Show Dubai

If there is a very convenient place to celebrate the jewellery season of the world, the place must be Dubai. The emirate now is known as an ultra-modern city which facilitates any kind of exclusive lifestyle and as a city of malls. With such reputation, it is not surprising if the city often becomes the host of international exhibitions. Jewellery exhibition is one of the most popular events in the city. Offering various different jewellery events in a year, Dubai becomes the spot of the attention and the center of the crown in the jewellery society. Mid East Watch and Jewellery Show is one of the most popular jewellery events held in Dubai. It is a major exhibition for the jewelers and jewellery enthusiasts.

The show had been held in 32 batches and those exhibitions gained extraordinary success with the report of high selling rate. The 33rd batch of the show soon will be held at Expo Centre Sharjah from October 2-6, 2012. Considering the successfulness of the previous batches, it is nearly positive that the next edition will be merrier and more festive. The fame of the Mid East Watch and Jewellery Show is supported with two unique aspects about the exhibition. The first aspect is because the show is held twice a year. The other jewellery shows and event s are usually held in annual-based. Therefore, this exhibition has a high exhibitor retention rate of more than 85%. The last edition of the show was closed with a surprising booking of more than half of the exhibition space. Organized in Dubai, the show surely becomes the gravity of the jewellery enthusiasts in the city of Dubai and becomes an interesting attraction for Dubai foreign visitors. The second convenient aspect of the show is that it is the only jewellery exhibition held in the first half of the year around the region. Since there will be no competitors of the other jewellery events, the jewelers take the advantage of giving the early bird attacks to the customers who are curious to prepare the festive peak of the wedding season in the summer.

The 32 previous batches have created the event a brand name for itself. It crowns itself as the most demanding platform for jewellery companies to celebrate the jewellery seasons in the region. For them, the event is a challenge, in which they should give and exhibit only the best from the collections since they believe that the successfulness of their marketing in the event will determine the selling rate for the rest of the days after the event. Mid East Watch and Jewellery Show turns into a major gravity for over 450 jewellery chains and manufacturers participating in the event. The dazzling commodities of jewellery, watches, diamonds, gemstones and designs are presented at its outmost quality and capacity. The richness of the collections exhibited in the display invite wide range customers, from the commoners to the affluent. Over 52 visitors from different background were coming in each of the past editions and the estimation said that the number was still growing. The next batch is estimated to be much more fun with the decreasing of the gold prices and the growing economic condition in the region. Surely, starting hobby in jewellery and watch will never be too late.

From the latest show records, it is reported that the participants and the visitors of the Mid East Watch and Jewellery Show are majority coming from the local regions of GCC states. UAE inhabitants give a big contribution in the number of the visitors. Yet, not only that, there are also visitors coming from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Russia, and even Thailand. There are 450 jewellers from Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and the UAE itself coming and exhibiting their best products for the enthusiast visitors of the show. The report of the 32nd batch, which was held at Expo Centre Sharjah last 27-31 March 2012, got 53,340 visitors. Surely, the next 33rd batch will be more challenging, staffed with more jewelers and visited by more costumers. Since in the last editions the exhibitors always expressed their satisfaction, the response of the public toward the next show is still particularly positive.

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