Men's Jewellery Dubai

Many say that jewellery is only woman’s thing, but the fact says that it is not true. Even since the era of the ancient kingdoms, the Kings, who are literally men, wore jewellery as the symbol of their power, glory, and wealth. Nowadays, although the collections of men’s jewellery are not as massive as the women’s collection of jewellery, it has become a rapid growing industry which opens the chances for the jewellers to build their own empire of business. They also want to contribute in opening the men’s view toward the jewellery, which is actually, being the tool to show their attraction and manliness with the fashions statement and wealth expression. For a long time, the collections of men jewellery have been limited by the limitedness of style and motifs. Now, since fashion awareness has reached the world of men’s fashion too, the number of the men’s jeweller collection is also growing. The designers are thinking about how the gentlemen can be expressed in a beautiful way. Now, every collection of jewellery has male version, which is the creation for men who are fond of bold fashion statement. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and the other accessories are made for them.

Necklace for men are very masculine with the choice of manly pendant with fine motifs. The brands such as Armani, Cartier, Bvlgari, and Raymond Weil are those who have special lines of men collections. The necklaces are made of gold and silver. The rings for men will show how powerful and gentle are they. So, the uses of attractive stones are very common. Plain gold, silver, or platinum rings are usually the most demanding collections, but the jewelled collections are also popular among some people. Damas and Taiba have special collections of ring for men, even for Arabic men who are Islam. In Islam, men cannot wear yellow gold as their jewellery, so silver or platinum is the more preferable collection. Big stones are often used as the ornaments of the rings. Earrings for man are also started to be produced, mostly in the form of simple-formed cufflinks. The motifs are usually simple, and the best brand of this product is the Armani, with the complete collection of cufflinks from white gold and steel. Bracelets for men tend to be more sporty and flexible than the men’s collection. Other than precious metal such as gold, silver, and platinum; various other materials such as wood, stainless-steel and rubber are also often used as the main material for men’s collection.

The other accessories for men which are also precious are watches and belts. Exclusive watches are also considered as pricey jewellery that completes the performance of men with bold fashion statement. Prestigious brand of watches such as Omega, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin, and the other big brands are available widely in all over the city of Dubai. In Damas jewellery, there are over 20 different exclusive brands of watches that will accompany a man’s fashionable performance everyday. The Les Exclusive stores of Damas, especially, offers the exclusive Parmigiani and Paralet, which are made with Swiss technology of watch-making. The others are Paco Raganne and Visetti which are still available in the Damas Semi-Exclusive and Damas 22K. Apart from Damas, some mono-brand stores of exclusive watches from Swiss are also scattered all around the city.

Since the number of jewellery shops in Dubai is very fantastic, men’s jewellery is not hard entity to search. With the change of the Dubai lifestyle and the development of the city, the area has become the spotlight of the new fashion trend setter. People start recognizing Dubai as the place where everything about luxury lifestyle, including men’s jewellery, gathers. Dubai Gold Souk is the first recommended market of jewellery and accessories in Dubai. This place holds the greatest gravity of the jewellery shopping in the city and serves local and international customers. Shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates are also more than place to hang out, it is also place to have fun jewellery hunting. Men’s jewellery shopping experience in Dubai will never be better and it will become a very memorable event for everyone. Visit Dubai and get the product for yourself or for your beloved ones.

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