Ladies' Jewellery Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, welcome to the city in which the ladies will spend their time more conveniently to get their favorite ladies’ jewellery. Dubai is the city whose number of jewellery store is the biggest in the world. It is also the city which called the city of gold. From these facts, it is certain that the city is the best place to spend many on jewellery. Since ladies are the greatest costumers of jewellery, the collections of jewellery seem so unlimited. Maybe there will be thousands or more brands for the collection, with different styles and models. The tradition of wearing jewellery has begun since centuries ago and the wearers of jewellery are commonly ladies from the time being. The thirst of women toward jewellery is not vanishing today, instead it is going higher and higher. Therefore, the industry of women’s jewellery is still flourishing and going fertile these days.

The best place to get the collection of jewellery for ladies is of course the Dubai Gold Souk. The gold market which is located in Deira is very famous, even for the foreigners who are visiting Dubai for the sake of holiday. Since the number of the collection is very fantastic, it is often said that the souk is the place in which the gold itself is born. There are over 300 stores available in the place, selling different pieces of gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and any other jewellery with different designs, size, color, and prices. It is not only the collection which is very convenient for the customer, but also the place. The complex of store is very neat and bright so that people can have a good time spending their time in the souk. The other place to buy ladies’ jewellery is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. The place is specified as the place to trade jewellery. Modern facility and complete amenities become the plus points of the place compared to the other place to get jewellery. The other shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Centre, Deira City Centre, and the other shopping malls are also recommended to buy jewellery for ladies.

There are so many jewellery shops available in Dubai, some of them has gained so great reputation which is, in some way, becoming the guarantee of the quality and value. The first and the most unique store is Damas Jewellery showroom. It is unique because it has three different level of store that will cover any kinds of society’s layer. Damas Les Exclusive is the most exclusive place; the place in which high end products of jewellery manufactured by the manufacturer. Semi Exclusive is the middle layer of store. In this place, the more affordable jewellery with quite worthy exclusiveness is sold in the beautiful display of the showroom. The most affordable jewellery can be found in the Damas 22K. Gorgeous collection of affordable jewellery is available for anyone who needs it as part of tradition or pride.

The other famous jewellers are the Pure Gold Jewellery and Joy Alukkas jewellery. The Pure jeweller is actually Indian Jewellery company which has its based now in Dubai. The fame of the brand reaches the entire area of the Gulf and the other continent. There are more than 20 stores all over the Dubai city and the UAE region. The quality award achiever, Joy Alukkas jewellery is also the best brand to get ladies jewellery collection. The company is one out of some companies which hold important position in the jewellery industry in the sheikdom. The collections are very exclusive, covering cross ages products from kids to the wedding collection. Although at first it is based in India, the company has set its mind to make Dubai as its headquarter due to its strategic marketplace.

Other than local collections, the international elite brands such as Tiffany’s, Chanel, Gucci, and the other fashion designer jewellery are also available in exclusive display of the mono-brand stores or multi-brand stores. The thing is that, the customers’ journey to get ladies’ jewellery collection will never end up disappointingly. If someone has his/her preference of jewellery, the jewellery shopping will be going smooth and easy.

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