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Dubai has gained its glory in the international jewellery market and it holds an important role in the business. The place has been the perfect and strategic marketplace and a potential area to explore and develop the business. Not only is the city is known as the strategic marketplace, the city is also known as the biggest jewellery capital in the Middle East; either it is in term of product or human resources. To develop and hold the position in the jewellery industry, Dubai jewellery design schools and workshops are initiated. Many parties who concern the quality of the business establish high end education for the future jewellery industry players. With the dedication to the field of jewellery business, Dubai jewellery training centers and workshops become well known for its best quality curriculum. They are trustworthy partner to make high quality and competent outputs as the professionals in the industry. The reputation of the jewellery education in Dubai has been world-widened and become the favorite targeted courses for people who are the activists in the field. There are some famous and high quality jewellery designs schools and workshops. Some of the famous schools are listed below.

The Institute of Gemology Dubai
The Institute of Gemology Dubai is one of the most influencing academies in the jewellery business. The institute, which is also famous with the name IGI, gains a high reputation as one of the very limited institutes which can establish a Diamond Certificate. The quality of a diamond is presented in an official certificate showing the 4C qualification of the stone. IGI is licensed to issue the official certificate showing the originality of the diamond, the quality of the diamond, and even IGI can tell the precise location in which the diamond was mined. Therefore, the fame of the institute has unquestionably absolute.

Ary Academy Dubai
Talking about the originality of jewellery equals talking about the distinctiveness of the jewellery designs. To be able to make high quality designs with high value of characteristics, people need to learn about the essence of the jewellery-making itself. Ary Academy of Dubai is one of the recent generation jewellery design schools. The academy offers its alumni trustworthy certificate and diploma in jewellery designs and jewellery making. Other than that, the academy gives also certificate for diamond grading with the inclusion of diploma of Gemmologist. For people who are interested more in the business, there are also programs for marketing management and certificate of jewellery retailing specialist. Since the school is much specified for the jewellery officers in the future, it is a good preference.

Al Futtaim Jewellery Workshop
As one of the biggest jewellery chain in the region, AL Futtaim Jewelery established its own public workshop to facilitate people who want to enter the industry. The Al Futtaim Jewellery Workshop provides the prospective guests with the exclusive collections of rare jewellery, in which they can be the part of the jewellery making process. The guests are offered with the rights to design their own jewellery and explore the process of the jewellery making. For a jewellery enthusiast, this tour is definitely tempting and listed in the most-wanted workshop to go.

Pearl Jewellery Design
Pearl Essence is a program conducted for people who are interested to study more about pearl. The program is an independent program initiated by the DMCC that controls the flow of the pearl trading in Dubai. Since pearl holds an important and significant meaning for the city of Dubai, the study is very welcomed. The vision of the program is to, together with the professional jewellers, revive the pearl heritage that once became the prima-donna of the business in Dubai.

Basically, the jewellery schools and workshops in Dubai give official certification for people who are seriously interested in joining the business. The schools give specific skills and training of, for example, the diamond identification and grading. The 4 C’s certification, fancy shapes detection, basic gemstone treatment, and the other educations about synthetic stones are the basic skills from the training. Since the skills needed to do the business is majority practical, the jewellery training in Dubai usually involves a lot of hours of practices rather than the material in class.

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