Jewellery & Watch Show Dubai

People go to Dubai for many reasons. There are people who want to enjoy the exoticness of the Middle Eastern sandy area, there are people who want to find the real value of luxury, and there are people who are going to the city simply because it offers wide opportunity for businessmen. For those who want to find the real value of luxury, Dubai is a preferred place with all the facilities it has and all the possibilities it opens. Among the luxurious commodities which are crowdedly sold in Dubai, jewellery is included into the most active one. Jewellery in Dubai is a very demanding item. The exclusive collectors of jewellery and the businessmen in the industry are happy to have the city as one of the most crowded market of jewellery in the world. To facilitate and celebrate the moments of jewellery, there are some shows or festivals held to attract more witnesses of the Dubai’s jewellery charm. One successful annual jewellery event is the International Jewellery & Watch Show Dubai. The event is organized with the hope of increasing the flow of jewellery market in the region and in the world. To make this event successful, the products exhibited in the show are only the high end products from reliable and legit jewellery companies.

The Jewellery & Watch Show Dubai is not necessarily held for the jewellery companies and manufacturers in UAE or in the GCC region. It is also celebrated as the party for the jewellery companies all over the world. Many prestigious brands with high end quality are exhibited in the show and the potential invitations are spread to the public and selected guests. This year, the show will be held in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This venue is a perfect venue for international-scale events. Basically, the DICEC has been a reliable instrument to hold a special world-class event. The building is built based on the fact that Dubai has grown and gained a title as a global financial and commercial hub, that leads the city to be a vibrant business centre for the UAE region as well as the international market. The facilities have been developed since its establishment. It is equipped with more than the standard necessities of a big event. There is on site accommodation in the exclusive hotels and special accommodation for various comfortable apartments. Truly, the facility is built based on the vision to make Dubai the world’s leading venue for major exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and any other events.

The next International Jewellery & Watch Show will be held from 21-24 November, 2012. The team has estimated that the IJWS of ’12 batch will be one of the most prestigious events to take place in Dubai. It will become a very challenging arena for both jewellery businessmen and jewellery enthusiasts who are looking for the best piece of art jewellery by famous jewellery brands from wide range of countries. The participants, either they are jewellers, wholesalers, retailers, and industrialists will have a long time to create mutual discussion, negotiation, and get a perfect understanding. Either it is to form a joint venture or healthy competition, the show is a great chance to do it. The new installments by international designers and manufacturers will also be exhibited to let the public know their recent creations and to familiarize them with it.

Following the successfulness of the previous batches of the show, the International Jewellery & Watch Show 2012 is an ideal platform to display new products and the classic masterpieces of a jewellery company to the consumers of the region and the world. As Dubai becomes one of the jewellery trendsetter in today’s jewellery industry, it is a strategic occasion to make a brand becomes internationalized. Since the consumers are also coming from different countries other than those from UAE and GCC regions, it is a good time to present fresh idea jewellery for larger community. The thing is, The International Jewellery & Watch Show 2012 is a good chance to keep in touch with some finest jewellery from the Gulf Region and the other countries. Various ornaments and distinctive various designs; those can be found in one stop exhibition.