Islamic Jewellery Dubai

Islam people are not really into jewellery, but some of them wear it as the part of culture. Since the number of Muslim people is increasing day by day, there are many products created based using the typical of Islam ornament. Jewellery is one of them. In Dubai, where there are many Muslim people living, Islamic jewellery becomes so common and usual means. From the ancient tradition, wearing jewellery is a part of daily life and having important meaning in the society. Finding jewellery with Islamic ornaments in Dubai is not hard. There are many choices of places people can go. The first reference is of course, the Gold Souk Dubai in Deira. It is the great area which is famous in the world for having the highest number of jewelleries sold in Dubai. It is more than just an ordinary market; tourists from all over the world are coming to the place, to enjoy the sight and purchase high quality products of jewellery there.

Some stores in the Dubai shopping malls also provide collection of jewellery using Islamic motifs. The popular brand that produces jewellery with Islamic features is Taiba Jewellery. This Dubai-based jewellery manufacturer produced exceptional quality gold jewellery. There is incredible range of Islamic pendants which are worthy to collect or to wear.

The fact that men cannot wear gold according to the Muslim culture makes some jewellers find any other alternative for men's jewellery. Islam jewellery, especially rings for men, which are made from silver, stainless steel, titanium, and platinum, are common to be found in the market. This way, when at an occasion men should wear jewellery, then there will be a good alternative for them while they can maintain the rule of their religion. Men in the Arabic countries wear rings and necklaces as the most common jewellery for them; only recently, young men start to wear bracelet also. Like the ones which are produced by Taiba, the most common Islamic jewellery to see is the pendants. The pendant is hanged on the necklaces and is produced in various motifs, designs, and styles. The size of the pendants is varied; usually it is produced in the medium size.

The most common design is the verses from Holy Quran. Short verses are craved in gold to be the pendant for women, and in silver to be the pendant for men. Jewelled pendant in Quran verse is also common as well as the name of Allah in Arabic. The other common motifs are Ayat-ul-Kursi and the used of stones as the symbol of the Hand of Fatima. Other than pendants, bracelets are also common Islamic jewellery. The form of bracelet is very flexible to be craved with verses from the Holy Quran. The writings will look good on the wearers’ wrist as if they bring their holy verses to anywhere they go.

Other than visiting the Dubai Gold Souk, the center of the jewellery in Dubai, the other popular way to find the Islamic jewellery is by online shopping. Famous jewellery manufacturers from Dubai and Arabian countries are happily opening their e-bay site. People only need to browse their favorite products to the online catalogue and order them via internet, so that their favorite products will be shipped directly to their front door. Pendants with Islamic motifs, bracelets, and necklaces are available for purchase, in addition to the famous beads used by Arabic people. Various kinds of beads made of wood, bamboo, or the other semi-precious gemstones are available on the online stores too. Not only are the beads good decorations, they are also commonly used by Muslim people to say their praying.

The popular jewellery with Islamic motifs is not only metal engraved with the verse of holy Quran, but also pendants using hologram of picture and writings from Quran. The hologram is made as pendants in various sizes and color. Pictures of popular characters in the story of Islam and Holy Kaaba Stones are among the most popular motifs too. The name of Allah, like it is in the engraved metal, is also a popular motif. Whether it is using traditional or modern technique, jewellery of Islamic motifs has special meaning for Muslim people.

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