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As the nation which is rich with jewellery tradition from the ancient time, Indian has so many creations of jewellery that will take everybody’s breath out. Dubai is a city which is influenced by the tradition and the culture of the Indian jewellery too. Not only is the strong business relation shared by India and Dubai, but also closeness relation of culture, including the motifs of jewellery and the same sacred craftsmanship of jewellery manufacturing process. Looking at this fact, it is not surprising if the number of Indian jewellery sold in Dubai is quite enormous. Not only in great quantity is the jewellery from India provided in Dubai, the products sold in Dubai are in their best qualities.

Some great names in the category of Indian jewellery are for examples Dhamani, Joyalukkas, Atlas, Popley, Kiah, and JH. Dhamani is quite specialized in diamonds. The company won the tender to be the exclusive of all Dubai cut jewellery.

Joyalukkas has the style that fits to the international taste. The oriental collection from the company only covers some specific brands or series. The company is considered as a big jewellery company, operating internationally and achieving some honorable awards for the great customer service given by the company.

Atlas jewellery, which is founded by M.M. Ramachandran is a company that has over 50 galleries in all over the GCC region. The collection of Indian jewellery by this company is very complete and varied. There are collections consist of Indian style traditional design, as well as the Arabic one.

Popley is the other case; it is a company of jewellery of India which comes with remarkable mission to link the Eastern and Western culture trough jewellery and to promote new luxurious lifestyle. Kiah jewellery has good diamond-artworks and is considered as one of the finest Indian jewellery manufacturer. The classic and traditional design of Indian ornaments combined with the luxury of the diamond make the brand is preferable by people.

JH, the other jeweller, intends to bring the passion of jewellery making toward the shift of style in the jewellery business. Vast collections of necklaces, bangles, and the other jewellery in Indian typical designs are available in the showroom of the company.

To find the real traditional Indian motifs and design, Meena Bazaar Dubai is the right place to go. The market provides complete collections of more traditional types of oriental jewellery. Any sets of the exotic ear chains, hair accessories, hair jewellery, sets of rings, bangles, necklace, and earring, and a lot of other decorating products are available all in competitive prices. Various materials such as all variants of gold, silver, even pearls are displayed in the market and ready to purchase. Meena Bazaar is located in Bur Dubai, by the strategic Khalid Bin Walid Street and Bank Street.

From the long tradition of great jewellery epic, India is a good reference about the well-designed jewellery products. Since Dubai serves as a hub of jewellery manufacturers from all over the world, it is not surprising if jewellery from India becomes so popular in the Dubai jewellery market. Jewellery for Indian people is not merely about body decoration, it is about holding long-lasting traditions that have lived for centuries. Jewellery for wedding, for example, is the irreplaceable element that symbolizes the richness and the glory of the ceremony. Since there are so many alternatives of jewellery material nowadays, people who are in a tight budget need no to worry about the ceremony; they can just choose the material and designs that can be afforded.

The exoticness of Indian jewellery is still unquestionably popular these days. Purchasing the jewellery in Dubai, other than its origin in India, is a good decision since both regions share the quite same tradition. Other than Meena Bazaar, Dubai Gold Souk is a good alternative to hunt this jewellery. Some big shopping malls also host the exclusive stores of Indian brands like Joy Alukkas and Dhamani. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is also a worthy to visit since it has complete collections of any jewellery from all over the world, including India. Be unique, different, and traditional look with the collections of jewellery with exotic Indian design style.

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