Gold Jewellery Dubai

The most well-known precious stone in the world is gold. Gold is considered as a valuable commodity, in any form. Pure gold or gold jewellery have high exchange rate in the market. Dubai is an important player and host in the global platform of gold trading. Billions of dollars are flowing in the Dubai’s gold market, everyday, and it is the proof that the city deserves a title as the city of gold. Still related to gold, Dubai also has a long tradition of goldsmith art; that enables the city to have rich collection of beautifully crafted jewellery made of gold. This city has been the favorite of people who are looking for great quality gold in friendly rates. Gold has high value for international communities, and Dubai offers an easy way to trade gold; it is the reason why the Dubai gold market is very crowded. Dubai is also the city with the most numbers of jewellery stores, compared to the other city in the world.

Gold is widely used as jewellery because it is the most durable metal in the world. The pure gold has bright and attractive yellow color. The color will never fade away because the substance keeps remain without oxidizing in air or water; it makes the purity and the performance of the gold lasts for a very long period. As one of the least reactive chemical elements, that keep solid under standard condition, gold is preferable to be kept as a long-lasting asset of someone’s wealth. The preciousness of gold makes it the standard or the basis for monetary policies in the world. Gold jewellery is usually made of gold alloyed with base metals. Jewellery made of gold can either be in 22k, 18k, 14 k, or 10k; the higher the carats, up to the pure 24k, the higher the value will be. The alloyed gold will result in some variants of recent gold, such as rose gold and white gold.

In Dubai, the stores which sell jewellery made of gold are just available in every corner of the city. With the most number of jewellery stores in the world, the people who live in Dubai will meet the jewellery store easily; just like people find convenient store everywhere. In term of jewellery making, Dubai has some original brands which are able to glorify their names in the international gold market. The biggest manufacturers of Dubai gold jewellery are Damas, Samra, and Joy Alukkas. They are prominent jewellery manufacturers that provide traditional gold ethnic jewellery to modern jewellery design. Damas has a great management with unique concepts of different levels of stores. The company provides les Exclusives, with the most precious collections of gold jewellery up to the most common stores, which are attainable by common people. Samra and Joy Alukkas give different experience of jewellery shopping with their authentic and distinctive designs. The collections are exclusively available in the showrooms of the brand only.

Although there will be jewellery shops spread in all over the city, there are some places which become a preferable place, in which the reliable stores of jewellery are concentrated. Big shopping malls usually host some jewellery stores; the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman Shopping Center, the Ibn Battuta Mall, and the other shopping malls are good places to start the jewellery hunting. The Dubai Mall even has exclusive marketplace for jewellery trade. Local and international brands of gold jewellery are available in competitive prices. For exclusive international brands such as Tiffany, Bvlgari, Versace, and Swarovski; people can find the branch store in five-star hotels. Some hotels provide exclusive shopping centers to satisfy the customer’s thirst of shopping, such as the Boulevard for Jumeirah Emirates Towers and at the Atlantis hotel in Palm Jumeirah.

Yet, the biggest trade of gold jewellery happens in the center of the gold trade; the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira. Although it is considerd as "old" market of jewellery trading, this traditional market becomes the must-visit spectacle, not only to get high end jewellery made of gold, but also of the other materials. In short, any kind of jewellery shopping will be an unforgettable experience, if it is done in Dubai, the city of Gold.

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