Gemstone Jewellery Dubai

Plain jewellery with precious metals is nice, but the gemstone jewellery is even nicer. The jewellery with gemstones is so popular because it offers different beauty and attraction. Not only it is in the jewellery, gemstones are very popular to be commodities which are collected for pleasure and investment. Gemstones are commonly expensive and rare; hardly is it found in the market, not like the metals such as silver and gold. In Dubai, diamond business is growing rapidly along with the development of the jewellery business in the city. Now, it is not only metal jewellery which is popular, but also gemstones. Diamond and the other colored gemstones are very demanding since more people realize the true value of having gemstones in their personal safe.

The local tradition of Dubai says that it is common for rich family to have gemstones as their collection and investment to prevent bad things happen in the future. Some says, gemstones are collected not only for the sake of wealth, but also health as well. Some specific gemstones are believed to have special healing power that will prevent negative aura in the body of human being. This kind of stones will increase the positive aura and act as the human body’s regulation enhancer. Gems are also the signs of astrology; the special gem astrology states that there are specific gems which are good for every astrological sign. So many beliefs and facts about gemstones lead Dubai as the biggest market of precious stones. Gemstone jewellery is also popularized since people are quite boring with the plain creations of metal jewellery. Jewellery with diamonds, pearl, topaz, and even amber is now more preferable for people. So, it is common that this sector contributes big income for the city with the demanding consumers and permissive traders.

The history of the gemstones jewellery in Dubai is started with the popularity of Dubai pearl. Long time ago, the value of Dubai pearl was at its peak. Although in some time, the value is crashed, but the business revived bringing better glory in the gemstone market of Dubai. Diamonds business started to get crowded along with the other gems. For the better development of Dubai business, an organization called Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC, the party which is responsible with the growth of Dubai business, manages to build new jewellery business centers. Many shopping centers and skyscrapers are built to support the jewellery and gemstone business such as the new jewellery complex and the Al Mas tower itself. This Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC is also responsible for the operation of Dubai Free Zone, the free tax area that will give nice deals of shopping for both traders and customers. It even initiates a club called Dubai Gems Club or DGC that offers exclusivity in gems business in Dubai. The members of this club are given opportunities to join the network of international gemstones societies. The exclusive 25 companies joining the club are the priority in the business and they will get the better rates from the special buyers.

Latest statistic says that other than diamonds, the most favorite colorful stones are rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, and the other stones. Rubies, in average, hold 44% of the colored stones market; Sapphires 28%, and emerald 24%. They are very demanding in the form of gemstone jewellery or merely in the form of stones. The DMCC is also responsible for this counting. It restores the database of all gemstones available in the city of Dubai and it gives jewellery trading statistics to monitor the development of the business. To witness nearly all kinds of gemstones exist in Dubai, the Dubai Jewellery Week is the most preferable event for it. In the Dubai Exhibition Centre, the event will open the knowledge of people about the most precious gemstones ever exists in the Dubai gemstone industry. Other than that, in the traditional Gold Souk of Dubai, there are also thousands of displays of gemstone jewellery. Surely, talking about gemstones or jewellery in Dubai will take a lot of time. The point is that people who visit Dubai for jewellery purpose will never be disappointed. Note and have a great pleasure of new jewellery shopping experience!

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