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Dubai is among the great names in the jewellery industry all over the world. It is listed in the places in which the jewellery market is so crowded; the other places in the list are such as Turkey, Arab, and India. The number of the collections and the quality of the fine jewellery available in Dubai is considered very great. The potentiality of the market has brought the jewellery trader from Europe, Asia, and Africa come to the city and has a fair trade there. This fact builds the strong foundation of Dubai brilliant jewellery business. The heterogeneous aspect of the Dubai jewellery market condition makes the jewellery trading in Dubai has unique and distinctive characters. The market develops a system that is applicable for the jewellers from international marketplace. The targets are no longer the local Dubai people, but also international societies that regularly come to Dubai for the sake of jewellery business. Fine jewellery in Dubai becomes expensive commodity, in terms of its pricing and quality.

To support the jewellery business promotion in Dubai, some special events are conducted all year long to facilitate the jewellery buyers and sellers in doing their activities. Dubai International Jewellery Week is one specific event that gives bigger opportunities for local and global jewellery traders and buyers, to open their dimension about international jewellery trading. The meet of people from all over the world with the same concern, which is to empower more resources for better jewellelry industry, brings luck to Dubai as its jewellery market grows rapidly year by year. The other event, that boosts all of business sectors in Dubai including jewellery sector, is the Dubai Shopping Festival. This event is annually held and giving largest chance for people to shop for their favorite items, all in great discounts. For international tourists, this event has a great gravity and must-see property. It is not only shopping event, but also enchanting spectacle that will not be found in the other city than Dubai.

Fine jewellery in Dubai is available in so many as possible materials, style, and designs. The metals used as the main capital of the jewellery manufacturing include gold (the most common metal), silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, and even copper. Dubai gold is available in some variations; the most common is yellow gold, followed by white gold and pink or rose gold. Silver ware becomes more and more popular since a lot of new creations of the products invented. As the rarest metal in the world, jewellery made of platinum is very pricy, but popular among the people who can afford to buy the products.

Those who cannot choose gold as their preferred jewellery and who have strength in finance will buy platinum to replace the pride of wearing expensive and exclusive jewellery. Titanium is one of the stainless steel jewellery that has special healing property and has lower price than the other precious metals. The popularity of this metal is gradually increasing day by day. Copper, as a part of old Dubai jewellery tradition is available in many forms of ethnic ornaments. They are sold highly in any part of the city. The metals are cultivated to form alloy or purely done by the craftsmen. The results are beautiful forms of jewellery for daily use or special occasion.

The fine jewellery with diamonds is very popular in Dubai since diamond is considered as the most prestigious gemstones in the city. The manufacturers from the region which are famous for this collection are Samra and Damas jewellery. They produce jewellery with real Middle Eastern details as the most attractive characteristics of Dubai jewellery. Pearl is another choice of popular gemstone in Dubai. Joy Alukkas is the manufacturer which is popular with its fine collections of pearl jewellery. The reputation of Dubai in the world pearl market makes the selling point of the jewellery with pearl becomes higher. In term of style, wedding jewellery holds the biggest market in the industry. Since the culture in Middle East allows people to consider wedding as special event that needs to be celebrated using luxurious jewellery, bridal collections from any jeweller become very popular. In Dubai Gold Souk and lots of shopping malls in Dubai, surely, fine jewellery is very popular and sold with undoubtedly prime quality.

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