Fashion Jewellery Dubai

Dubai has been so equal with luxury. The richness of the land and the rapid development of the city have totally changed the way of people live. Luxurious lifestyle with the glamorous appearance becomes so common and people are competing to show that they are capable of being so eye catching and stylish. Fashion jewellery then holds an important role in the everyday life of people. Although the majority of Dubai people are Islam, whose rules of the religion prevent people to wear too much jewellery, some people tend to act based on their upbringing, local custom, tradition, and the common lifestyle in their hometown. In the land as rich as Dubai, it is not surprising if jewellery, as one of the most expensive commodity in the business, is highly sold. Even now Dubai makes the 55 percent of the total income of the jewellery industry, in all over the world. This number is so fantastic since this status is gained in instant. The building of Dubai industry and business sectors has lead to this result, and there is still possibility that the number will be increasing again and again.

The humble lifestyle of women in Dubai has been replaced with fashion awareness since the business in Dubai starts to flourish. Fashion jewellery used to have more spiritual value than the material value. It is believed that jewellery will give more luck to the wearer and some specific gemstones will give defending power along with protection from the evil. These were how the jewellery and gemstones known in the area of Dubai. Yet, later the value is changing. Not only does jewellery give peace of mind because of the protection it gives, it also builds the confidence of the wearers because it decorates and enhances their performance. The combination of fashion jewellery produced by fine and popular brands of fashion with the clothing products from the same famous manufacturer will give more pride and confidence too. More and more people in Dubai become aware to have this thought, that is why it is not surprising if every famous international designer brands open their stores in Dubai. With the high selling rate of the products in the city, quality jewellery for fashion will be easily found in every corner of Dubai, answering the high demand of the local society and the new settlers in Dubai.

The term fashion jewellery is maybe somewhat confusing for some people. Basically, fashion can refer to all statements of jewellery, but the style is different. The more traditional style and the more conventional one, based on the local custom of Dubai people, refers to the Arabic fashion. The more global and common fashion may refer to the intercontinental fashion, which is found to be an internationalized style, brought by international brands. Arabic fashion is identical with the use of big jewellery and gemstones; the bigger the items, the bigger and the bolder the pride of the wearer is. Inherited gemstones and jewellery are common as a family may have antique jewellery given to the generations inside the family. The new fashion is maybe dominated with the use of sophisticated yellow, white, and rose gold, and the combinations of colorful gemstones.

Exploring fashion jewellery in Dubai is not an easy task. The reason is because people will find so many stores selling the items in the widest range of collections. Still, Dubai Gold Souk is the first reference to find any jewellery from famous fashion house in Dubai and also in the world. For more internationalized brands, shopping malls are the most recommended places to visit. Dozens of shopping malls in Dubai will be the festive of the jewellery hunting; the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Bloomingdales, and the BurJuman Centre are merely some names of shopping malls which have rich collection of international jewellery. The brands such as the famous Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci, D&G, Swarovski, and the other world-famous jewellery are sold in fine pricings in Dubai. The jewellery enthusiasts will never have to worry that they will be out of options. Dubai offers more that people’s expected in term of fashion jewellery collections and it is surely enjoyable to feel such epic experience of jewellery shopping.

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