Engagement Rings Dubai

“Guys, I am finally, officially, engaged!” You may shout this sentence out loud everywhere and people’s reaction must be the same: “Really? Show me the ring!” Engagement and engagement rings are two un-separated concept in the society. Ring becomes the symbol of bound and commitment of a couple, the readiness to step into further and deeper relationship possibility. Such significance makes the selling rate of the rings is rising day by day and it becomes a promising business and industry. Dubai is a popular place to buy jewellery since it has so many facilities facilitating people who want to get the best jewellery, with the best deal of price. Among the other emirates in the UAE and the countries around the Gulf, the city owns the most number of jewellery shops. Engagement rings are surely one of the most popular items sold in the city. There are various kinds of engagement ring made of various materials too. Below is the list of popular engagement ring in the city.

Golden collections
Among so many precious metals in the world, gold is the most contributing metal which is made into jewellery. The popularity of gold is supported with the fact that gold is durable, easy to form into whatever designs of ring, having stable value in the trade market, and having the beauty of the pure precious metal. Yellow gold is the oldest form of the gold known, followed by the creation of white and pink gold. When people think about engagement ring, it is very possible that gold becomes the first alternative of the couples’ choices. Finding the gold rings are very easy in Dubai. The choices are usually available in 18K or 22K. The Dubai brands that score the best quality are Damas, Taiba, and Al Zain jewellery. Each of them has distinctive collection of engagement ring which is worthy to review.

Silver collection
In some rare cases, some people are having allergic to the gold. In this condition, people have no other choice than choosing the different metal as their jewellery. Silver is often used as the replacement of the gold or even the first choice due to the some conditions. Muslim men do not wear gold from the rule of the religion, but instead they can wear silver. The number of silver collections is rising day by day and among so many Dubai silver jewellery manufacturers, the most popular providers are Samer, Tanyaz, and Loupe jewellery. These companies give the best designs and quality of silver ware for their loyal customers.

Beaded collection
Plain and craved rings using precious metals as its main material is enough for some people, but some other will choose more extraordinary option of jewelled engagement rings. The most popular gem to be the decorators of the ring is of course the diamond. As the hardest material in the world, diamond becomes the precious gemstone which is the most demanding all over the world. In Dubai, there are Samra and Damas Jewelleries which give the best offerings of wedding and engagement collections jewellery for the customers. Pearl is the next popular gem which is related to the past time glory of Dubai. The Joy Alukkas will give the pearl lovers the best collection of pearl rings with fine, selected Japanese pearl. The exclusive South Pearl is also available in Dubai, precisely in one of the Damas special stores. Colored semi-precious gemstones are also quite popular in Dubai. The stones of precious crystal, amber, topaz, and the other colorful stones are also available in the city of Dubai. So many collections of rings will never make someone out of choice.

Jewellery shopping in Dubai nowadays becomes more interesting with the availability of many shopping malls. Exclusive boutiques of jewellery from designer brands are spread in shopping malls such as the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, the BurJuman Centre, Ibn Battuta Malls, and tens other shopping centres in the city. Dubai Gold Souk and Dubai Diamond and Gold Park are two unique market which provide anything related to jewellery. Meet jewellery with various materials manufactured by different companies from all over the world in those two highly recommended places. Experience the real sensation of jewellery shopping only in the city of Gold, Dubai.

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