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Your ear can be the most sensual part of your body, if you know how to treat it and decorate it, so that it can be more attractive for you and for the other people. The earrings are the best items to bold the attraction of the ear. Since the choice of the earrings itself will affect how your whole performance will look like, the items should be chosen very carefully. When you are visiting Dubai, consider yourself in the middle of the heaven of earring itself. As the emirate which has the most number of jewellery store in the region, or even in the world, Dubai offers wide range collections of high end earrings from various materials and designers from all over the world. Nowadays, the city of gold Dubai has 55% of the total global number of jewellery sold in the whole world. This number is very fantastic and well expressed the enthusiasts of native Dubai and Dubai visitors toward jewellery business in the city. Today Dubai has the strongest gravitation of jewellery shopping among the countries with high number of jewellery sold in their territory.

The number of jewellery facility in Dubai seems so unlimited. Not only does it have the most jewellery store, it also has the most collections of jewellery in term of brands or designs. Talking about the venue to buy jewellery, Dubai Gold Souk is the number one place to go. For tourists, this place is more than just an ordinary jewellery market. This place is also one of the most crowded tourist spectacles in Dubai. The products are available in wide range of brands, prices, and designs. Shopping malls such as the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and BurJuman are also recommended for people who want to find top notch products of earrings in Dubai. Popular brands according to the products they made are presented below.

Golden Collections
Gold, either it is in yellow, white, or pink color, is maybe the easiest collections to find if it comes to earrings. Taiba jewellery is one of the best providers; it has 18K and 22K collection of the items with fair deal of price. The style of jewellery from the manufacturer is particularly unique and distinctive from the others and it is worthy to collect.

Silver Collections
Silver has fewer prices than the gold, in common. Yet, it does not mean that silver earrings are just cheap jewellery. In fact, the shiny whiteness of the material becomes a great gravitation and charm for the enthusiasts. In Dubai, high end products of silver from Loupe, the Tanyaz, and Samer, are always demanding.

Gemstones Collections
The most popular precious gemstone is, of course, the diamond. Samra jewellery, a manufacturer which is based in Dubai, is the special expert in this jewellery. Its collection covers exclusive earrings with diamond as the exclusive eye. The brand opens several branches and offers also some of its collection in multi-brand jewellery stores in Dubai. Surely, the diamond by the company is very demanding in the city. The other popular gemstone is the pearl. Dubai used to be the biggest player in the Middle Eastern pearl business; however it changes with the drastic transformation of the city. Trying to gain the glory of the past business, pearl becomes gradually popular again in Dubai and it is created into several works of art, including jewellery. Damas jewellery is a giant jewellery manufacturer that has exclusive collection of pearl jewellery including the earrings in the city. Joy Alukkas is the other favorite name in the pearl business; it also offers wide range of pearl collection. The other favorite colored gemstones such as amber and ruby are also popular to be combined in the jewellery. Farah jewellery is the great provider for earrings with colorful gemstones.

Wedding Collections
Since wedding is a sacred moment of a couple, the best things are the only option to make the ceremony becomes very memorable. Dubai jewellery brands such as Samra and Joyalukkas have the most exclusive wedding collections. The special sets of jewellery for the bride and groom are available in various wedding style. The collections are ready to wear and ready to make the wedding moments become so special.

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