Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai today is a city with many attractions. Not only does it give different landscape of sandy beautiful city, it also offers wide range of spectacles for the foreign visitors. Life in high lifestyle is the thing which is attainable in Dubai. Luxurious hotels, five-star shopping malls, and branded consumer products are spread in all over the city. Other than that, rich cultural attractions of the localities are also waiting for the tourists. Dubai is called as the city of gold and therefore there are many things related to gold and jewellery are available in Dubai, presented in distinctive way and one-of-a-kind amusement. Someone who wants to get the best quality gold jewellery should spend his/her time in the famous Dubai Gold Souk or also popular as Gold Souk in Dubai. This place is undoubtedly the must-visit jewellery center.

Dubai Gold Souk is basically a market of jewellery, that has a concept of traditional market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The souk lies in the center of Dubai commercial business district, which is in Deira, precisely in the locality of Al Dhagaya. The location of the souk is near the Baniyas Square, Sikkat al-Khali Street. Going there is quite easy since it is reachable by public transport, especially bus. Water boat as the water taxi or ‘Abra’ from Bur Dubai is also reaching the Gold Souk. For people who want to feel the new experience of passing the city through the small canal, it must be a good choice. So, it can be said that the location of the souq is somewhat strategic from any direction. The large souk consists of more than 300 retailers that sell different kinds of jewellery. Golden jewellery is the easiest entity to find. It will not be hard to tell since the boutiques there make very impressive scenery, only by displaying their jewellery products just like in the traditional grocery stores. Thousands of jewellery is displayed in the showroom of each retailer and it gives unique view of distinctive shades and colors to the surroundings of the souk. This view even will be very attractive for people who visit the place just for sight-seeing. The beautiful display of 18,21,22,24 karat gold will definitely give someone a new way to see the world; it is about the atmosphere of one part of the world’s richness meets the eyes.

The designs of jewellery available in the Souk are varied. Since the Dubai culture itself is the blend between Indian and Arabian style, distinctive character jewellery from the localities is a different attraction for the visitors. Other than that, oriental Asian Gold Styles, Traditional Indian designs, Arabian designs, Italian designs, and even gold designs from Singapore are availble in the market. Well established boutiques by big players of Dubai gold market such as Damas boutique, Samra boutique, Taiba store, Joy Alukkas store, and Shyam Jewellery are available in the souk. Other than that, small jewellery stores which operate mainly in the souk are also available. Multi-brand stores that distribute international brand jewellery also exist in the market. So, basically, whatever style jewellery one wants to have, the Dubai Gold Souk will try its best to give it.

The materials of jewellery sold in the souk are surprisingly available in wide variation. Although the name is Dubai Gold Souk, it does not necessarily mean the gold jewellery is the only commodity of the place, although it is true that gold is the most popular items. Jewellery with yellow gold as its material is the widest collections, followed by the white gold and pink gold. The other precious and semi-precious metals such as platinum, silver, titanium, other stainless steels, and even wood are also available. Precious and semi-precious gemstones are also favorite products in the market. Diamonds still hold its first rank in the business, crystal is also quite popular, while the other semi-precious gemstones such as pearl, amber, and the other stones are also quite demanding. The market must be the first place for people to go because not only is the collection the complete, but the price offered by the sellers there is the lowest of all jewellery markets in Dubai. Even, the buyers have the chance to bargain the price of the jewellery. Which jewellery market gives better option than that?

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