Diamond Rings Dubai

As a city that is famous with the nickname of the city of gold, Dubai has a very special position in the global jewellery market. Any kind of jewellery from earrings to rings are best to buy in the city as the price will be lower than the other city and the variation will be more than the other cities too. Ring is the most demanding jewellery in the city since it is not only part of daily life, but also important thing for some special occasions. Among so many designs of ring available, diamond ring holds the most popularity. Golden or platinum ring with diamonds are very popular either for personal daily use or special use, such as for engagement or wedding. Diamond, which is the most popular precious gemstones and the hardest material in the world, conveys the value of eternity and luxury. Thus, the gem is always desired by people who can afford the price of the ring with diamond, which is usually higher than common kind of ring.

In Dubai, there are many varieties of diamond rings manufactured and distributed either by local or international companies. This city, which is the second city in the list of the most vibrant city in the United Arab Emirates, has a lot of places to hang out and find the best quality diamond rings. The most popular place is the Dubai Gold Souk that sells thousands kinds of jewellery, including rings with diamonds as their eyes. The other recommended place is the Dubai Diamond and Gold Park. The place facilitates the costumers to shop in a more convenient and comfortable environment as well as getting the cheapest price jewellery. Both places are worthy to visit, even by people who do not intend to buy any gold or diamond jewellery. It is because both places offer incredible scenery made from the shade of the jewellery sold in the building.

If someone does not like too specific shopping, shopping malls can be the other alternatives to buy diamond rings. Since the malls are stuffed with various kinds of boutiques and stores, the diamond shopping will not be so boring. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta Mall are some favorite malls in the city which are worthy to visit as they have decent facilities for jewellery shopping. The Saks and the Bloomingdales are the other shopping centers providing high quality jewellery with high-end quality products.

Talking about the companies of jewellery that manufacture diamond jewellery is very interesting. There are Dubai-based companies and international brands companies operating in Dubai and contributing in the business. Samra and Damas are two big names, coming from the Dubai headquarter, in the Dubai diamond industry. Rings with pure diamonds are their specialties. Although both of them are experts in diamond and making the products from the same headquarter, each brand has distinctive designs and often one-of-a-kind design which is attainable only in each other’s showroom. Joy Alukkas also has special collections of ring with diamonds. The brand has incredible series of wedding rings that will make anybody’s wedding becomes more special and memorable.

Gold is usually the widest metal used to make ring jewelled with diamond. The metal is very easy to form into any design and ornament. Yellow gold with diamonds are demanding, but white gold with diamond starts to steal the attention of jewellery enthusiasts. The whiteness of the metal is considered perfect to give flawless reflection of the diamond, therefore many people look for it. The more exclusive and rarer collection of ring with diamond is the platinum diamond ring. Since the platinum itself is remarkably rare, the combination of the metal and diamond will result in the higher price of the ring. Therefore people who can afford the product will buy it as the symbol of prestige. Some designers are making new creations of rings, jewelled with diamonds and the other colorful gemstones. There are manufacturers that "play" with the combination of diamond with topaz or opal, and the other colorful gem such as amber and ruby. Surely, they all make a great combination and give different taste of luxury. The diamond rings collection is going to be richer start from now.

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