Diamond Jewellery Dubai

Among so many precious stones in the world, diamond is maybe the most famous and attractive stones in the world. The diamond paradise in the world is Dubai, the paradise for the international jewellery and gemstones market. Dubai used to be a small city with dust and desert as the main attractions; today, diamond and gemstones are far more interested things easily found in Dubai. Those who can afford to follow the luxury lifestyle and exclusive commodities available in Dubai will be very interested to visit the city. The long tradition of the city for diamond merchandising and refining now becomes one of the best attractions from the city. Diamond is the best friend of women, but men who can appreciate the beauty of diamond are far away from sinners; it means everyone may love it. Everybody just cannot help to be fallen to the beauty of the stones; that is why diamond becomes so popular.

Dubai jewellery market is so stuffed with both local jewellery manufacturers and international brands. Hundreds of brands in thousands of jewellery stores are spread in all over the emirate. A jeweller in Dubai will not dare to open its door, without having at least one series of diamond collections in their catalogue. Selling diamond is also a kind of pride for the jeweller, and that makes the diamond market in Dubai become more festive. The diamond trading itself is even able to connect Dubai with the other countries from different continent, such as Asia and Africa. Diamond trading in Dubai has become as shiny as the diamond itself; so many jewellery centers are opened, and they are never silent from the voice of diamond trading. To support the trade, many facilities are built in Dubai and some big events are arranged. The availability of Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Al Mas Skyscraper, and the other diamond markets really ease the jewellers and clients to find their places. The events such as Dubai Jewellery Week and Dubai Shopping Festival also contribute in the glory of Dubai as one of the biggest diamond market in the world.

There are various preferable brands that become the leading provider of diamond jewellery in Dubai; either it is Dubai-based company or international brand company. Some prominent jewellery manufacturers providing high quality products of diamond coming from Dubai are for example Damas jewellery, Joy Alukkas jewellery, Samra jewellery, and Al Futtaim jewellery. The manufacturers are providing various, all sorts of jewellery for casual or special purposes. Wedding set jewellery is maybe the most sold jewellery because of the culture of the local people, to have special jewellery in the marriage. Diamond, with the combination of gold and silver, is an important part of Dubai people back then. Traditional ornaments are still highly appreciated, the same like the modern, sophisticated designs these days. The Dubai brands really understand how diamond should look like and it brings great success for all of them.

The international brands of diamond jewellery are also widely available in Dubai. The brands are coming from Arab, India, or the other countries from the other continent. They are for example jewellery by Taiba, Atlas, and Malabar; Tiffany, Bvlgari, Versace, De Beers, Frey Wille, and the other big names in the diamond industry. The collections of jewelled bangles, bracelets, rings, cuff links, necklaces, and pendants with gold, silver, or platinum by those manufacturers are sold widely from all corners of Dubai. So, it is not wrong if Dubai is crowned as the "City of Gold" and as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf; since so many jewelleries are sold every day.

To get diamond jewellery in Dubai is not difficult at all. Many shopping malls have exclusive corners for jewellery and even mini markets for jewellery trading. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman centre, Deira City Centre, Dubai Souk, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, some exclusive boutiques in five-star hotel, such as Boulevard for Jumeirah Emirates Towers and at the Atlantis hotel in Palm Jumeirah, are the right venues to get high quality diamond. Perfect cut, bright, and valuable diamonds are hosted in Dubai. It is a must visit city for diamond hunting!

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