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Dubai has been developed from a merely simple country to a big hot shot of melting pot location. The new lifestyle in the area makes it very easy for people from different nation to live together and melt in one unity of neighborhood. Different cultures which live in the area, such as Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, European, and even American, are contributing the lifestyle change and the artworks in the area. Jewellery, as the result of human tradition and art, is also greatly influenced by this fact. Products of jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and charms have unique designs, which are the combination of the cross-cultural motifs. Charm is quite exclusive jewellery, since not many artisans have a lot of creations of it. Yet, in Dubai, one of the greatest melting pot areas, even the weirdest design of charm will be easily found. With the contributions of many continents’ cultures, it is not surprising that nearly there is no charm that people cannot find in Dubai, regardless the design, size, color, and materials.

It is quite easy to modify charm if it is done by the professional artisans who really know how to initiate a design and make it into the real form; therefore various materials are possible to be made into great charms. Gold is the precious metal that is easy to form into this kind of jewellery. The variations of yellow, white, and rose gold are all good preferences for the jewellery. The designs are also various, the most common is the fashion charms. The fashion style is very applicable for any kind of performance and it is also functional for many uses. Either it is for handbag chain or used as exclusive pin gift for important people, the thing will be highly appreciated by anyone. Silver charm is also quite popular as the price is particularly cheaper than the gold one. With development of technique and technology of charm making, even plastic, rubber, and leather are also applicable in the industry.

Usually, big jewellery manufacturer specified the distribution of charm as different, specified division. Joy Alukkas, Samra, and Damas jewellery also have exclusive collection of charm with different kind of motifs. One of the most popular styles is the religion style, ranging from different religions’ style of Islam, Christian, Hindusm, and the others. To spoil the little ones, funny motifs for children are also available in the Dubai jewellery market. Meet the favorite cartoon characters or funny designs of things for children. The for children items are available also in so many choices of color, not only limited in gold and silver like the adult’s collections have. It is definitely a great idea of gift for kids.

There are so many places serve the clients for the best charms in Dubai; they are jewellery markets or shopping malls that have fine collections of all kinds’ jewellery. The first reference to go is of course the Dubai Gold Souk, the place in which jewellers and customers meet and make good interaction. Not only does this place has complete counters of local jewellers, there are also some exclusive boutiques of international brand in the souk. In short, whatever kind of jewellery someone wants to buy and no matter what the material is, the place will give instant, direct answers with various options for the customers.

The second recommended place is the Dubai Diamond and Gold Park. This place is good for people who are looking for distinctive collections of charms and any other jewellery. Dubai Shopping Malls will never out of something to offer for the customers. Jewellery collections in Dubai shopping malls are always worthy to visit. The Dubai Mall in the Downtown Burj Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha, BurJuman in Bur Dubai, Deira City Centre in Deira, and Ibn Battuta Mall are only some shopping malls with rich collection of jewellery. In one of the places, you must find the charms that you always want. No matter how traditional or modern someone’s desire toward charm is; Dubai jewellery stores will never fail to amuse and satisfy. Then, there is no reason not to include Dubai in the journey for jewellery hunting.

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