Bridal Jewellery Dubai

Wedding is a holy event that still holds important meaning in the life of Middle Easterners, including Dubai. Arabic countries people consider wedding as a sacred commotion and important phase of human life. When a couple intends to hold their wedding ceremony, the groom and the bride deserve the best things in the ceremony. Jewellery as the important part of the ceremony should also the best. The couple, especially the bride, really deserves the precious bridal jewellery to be the part of the memorable ceremony in her life. The kind of jewellery made for wedding is special, and the manufacturers fully aware that they need to give the best they can so that the clients will not be disappointed with their products.

Thinking about bridal jewellery, the first thing that will come in people’s mind will be the wedding ring. It is the most important jewellery in the wedding, for both men and women; although in Dubai culture, it is not necessary that both parties wear rings. It is because according to Quran, men cannot wear gold. This rule leads to the development that the wedding ring may be manufactured using silver, instead of gold. With the development of fashion style, there are many kinds of wedding ring available in Dubai. The normal or common ring is the circular ring with plain, minimum decoration. Yet, in the Arabian countries, minimum decoration as normal ring does not apply. Stylish wedding rings for bride in the Arabian areas contain either a big precious gemstone or the medium sized one.

Diamond is the most common stones for wedding. It is the most precious and demanding stones for wedding ring. The other style of three small diamond rings is also demanding, in alternative of one big diamonds used in the ring. Although it is quite rare, pearl is sometimes used in the wedding ring too. Rare and the real pearl costs as high as diamond in certain carats and pearl also conveys some value of history in Dubai gemstone story. That is why pearl is also preferable for gemstone in wedding ring. The other variant of the ring is the double ring style. It is the chain of two thin rings in one unity and it is considered as very fashionable.

Other than the wedding ring, bridal jewellery can be sets of jewellery consist of complete products of rings, earrings, necklaces, and in optional cases, bracelets. The set of jewellery is very preferable for more memorable event of wedding. Since it is made in one serial, buying one set of jewellery will cost lower than buying separate kinds of ring, earring, necklace, and bracelet. Almost all Dubai-based jewellery brands have the wedding corner in their showrooms. For instance, Samra jewellery has great diamond collections of wedding sets. Joy Alukkas, which is originated from Indian, even has special bridal jewellery section consists of beautiful sets for wedding purpose; from engagement to the wedding ceremony itself.

Unlimited choices of jewellery for wedding can be found in all corners of Dubai. Gold Souk of Deira, the place in which all nations jewellers gather in one place, is the first recommended site. All sorts of jewellery are available in very competitive prices. The most traditional to the most modern design styles are also available in the place. Huge shopping malls that provide complete facilities for jewellery shopping are also spread all over the city. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Shopping Centre, and the other shopping centers in Dubai can be the best place to visit for wedding jewellery shopping.

For more exclusive and ultra-modern bridal jewellery collection, some international brands’ showrooms exist also in Dubai. Super exclusive collections from exclusive international brand are usually offered in stars hotel. The Boulevard in Jumeirah and the boutiques in the Palm are the examples of luxurious stores providing high class wedding rings and other jewellery. Couples will not get a lot of trouble in finding bridal collections of jewellery; instead, they will get a new problem of choosing the right items for their moments. Just look around then you will find that wide ranges collections of jewellery for wedding are never far from your place.

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