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What is the meaning of fashion statement about the use of jewellery as its completion? Jewellery has become a significant item for someone’s performance since it enhances the beauty and the pride of the wearer. There are some common jewellery worn by fashionable people, for example rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklace. Bracelets, is the most visible jewellery because it is worn around the wrist; the part which is always visible unless someone’s is trying to hide it by wearing long-sleeved apparels. Bracelet can also be worn around the anklet and the specific term for this kind of bracelet is anklet. Anything can be used to make bracelets; either they are jewels, rocks, or woods. As jewellery, it is among the most favorite accessories worn by both men and women.

Since a long time ago, bracelets have been part of cultural richness of certain nations. The Egyptians, back in the 5000 BC, used to wear bracelets as their beauty statements and also the symbol of pride. Stones and woods are the main material back then and the products are believed to carry religious and spiritual significance in the society. Now, the bracelet functions mainly as decorating jewellery that strengthens the fashion statement of someone. Different cultures have different types of bracelets. The materials are also varied; prior to the commodity of certain place or the popular culture of the area.

Charm bracelets are very popular in everywhere; it is astonishing creation of wrist decorator with pendants or trinkets of various forms from animals, plants, and the other beautiful objects. The other style of bracelet which is very popular is the slap one. It is the flat and felt-covered strips that will curved around someone’s wrist beautifully. The kind is including the friendship band which is very popular among the youth. Beads are also commonly used as the materials to make this jewellery. They are usually loose beads with center hole which can be created into various forms and motifs of the jewellery. Bracelets are not merely means of fashion; some special kinds of ones can be used as healthy preserving item. The type of karma, ionized, magnetic, and special stones bracelets are used for the sake of someone’s health. Some materials such as titanium are specially used to enhance the body’s stimulation process. This way, the item becomes as not merely decorator, but also body’s stabilization enhancer.

Talking about the manufacturers of this jewellery means talking about all manufacturers of jewellery exist in this world. It is a must-have item for every people, so it means it is a must be produced commodity in every jeweller’s workshops. In Dubai, popular jewellery brands such as Samra, Joy Alukkas, Damas, and Taiba produce various authentic designs of bracelets. From traditional to the more modern styles, every manufacturer has their own creations and innovations. The materials also cover various kinds of material. Gold is the most popular material. Gold bracelets are always demanding in any jewellery store in Dubai, either it is yellow, white, or pink gold. Silver is also popular in the business since the whiteness gives distinctive charm for the owner and highlights the personal attraction of every people. Platinum, as the rarest metal, is also contributing in the industry of bracelets.

Looking for good quality bracelets in Dubai is not so difficult. Thousands of jewellery stores in every corner of the city will facilitate the desire of people to get the items. The most popular site to find the jewellery is Dubai Gold Souk in Deira. It is the first recommended place in term of jewellery shopping. Hundreds of stores selling various items of jewellery in any form from any material are available with good deal of pricings.

The other recommended places are the Dubai shopping malls. The Dubai Mall is the first recommended mall that have specified corner for jewellers. The Mall of the Emirates and BurJuman centre are also worthy to visit. The other special market such as Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is also a good place to get bracelets and any other jewellery. The thing is, someone should have in mind, what kind of bracelet he/she wants to buy. So many variations will be confusing sometimes. If someone has decided the thing he/she wants, shopping will be easier. Happy shopping!

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