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Along with the development and the change of the fashion trend in the world, people are always trying to follow the most recent trend offered by the world class designer or brand. Dubai used to be a simple city whose people do not really sensitive toward the trend. Yet, with the change of the lifestyle, fashion seems to be the closest thing to think in the daily life of Dubai people. Jewellery is one important thing in the completion of perfect fashion style. It used to be identical with women, but now it is more than just women’s thing. Jewellery is used as accessories to match the clothing, hairstyle, and the make up of people.

There are some preferences of jewellery; they are earring, necklace, bracelet, bangle, ring, and others. Bangle is unique jewellery since it is drawn from the native culture of South Asian women. Now, the jewellery is popularized all over the world and produced in various styles and models. Bangles, or churi or choodi, used to be worn by the bride of Indian and Bangladesh. This ornament is a part of tradition of a couple’s wedding. As many as glass bangles are worn by the bride, until the last one is broken, which is marked the end of the couple’s honeymoon. The design of the bangle is particularly circular and what makes it different from bracelet is that it is not flexible.

Bangle jewellery is not only made of precious material such as gold, silver, or platinum; some non-precious materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and even ferrous can also be formed to be bangles. Some bangles only made with clean, flat surfaces that are glossy and sparkling; some others contain some artifacts, craved on the surface of the bangles. This property may distinguish one bangle’s price to the others. The color and the value of the materials are the other things which can affect the value of the bangles.

Since the trend of wearing bangle now is not only existed in the South Asia, but all over the world, the international jewellery manufacturers start to add bangle into their list of must-produced items. In Dubai, bangles are very common. The nearby manufacturers are also taking part in this business. Some popular designs of bangles are for example gold bangle, silver bangle, and platinum bangle with the addition of diamonds and pearls as the sweeteners. The best diamond bangles are produced by Samra, which is a Dubai-based jewellery manufacturer with diamond as its specialty. The brands of Aria Paula, Samra,, and Splendore are the choices which are very demanding inside the city, either by the local Dubai people or by the foreign tourists. Damas jewellery is the other fine manufacturer of this creation. Pearl bangles can be found in the rack of Joy Alukkas. Gorgeous bangle sewn as strings is a great and original innovation of the brand.

There are so many styles and motifs of bangle; but it is basically have to kinds of for; the solid and the split. The solid cylinder type is the bangle which is unable to be released; it remains in its circular shape and fixed. The split one is cylindrical spring with the opening/closing keys. The materials to make the two different types of bangle are also different. Glass may be used to make the first kind of bangle, but the second type is quite difficult for this material. Yet, silver, gold, platinum and the other metal are very easy to make into the both first and second type. The traditional designs of South Eastern and Middle Eastern bangle are always popular in the Dubai jewellery market. The touch of ethnical and native culture of the area becomes the distinctive features of the local-made bangle. But the modern, international designs are also starting to gain more attention.

To get top notch products of bangles, Dubai Gold Souk is the most recommended spot. The other place such as Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and some big shopping malls are also recommended. Various products with various size, color, style, and material are offered by various international or local brands in Dubai. It will become an extraordinary souvenir from Dubai, the city of gold; the bangles.

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