Arabic Jewellery Dubai

Arabian countries are not only famous because of its richness in oil producing, but also in jewellery manufacturing. The Arabic jewellery is great because it applies very strict standard and high quality requirements. The materials as the main capital for jewellery manufacturing coming from Arab are also the best quality. No wonder, in Dubai jewellery market which is stuffed with jewellers from all over the world, jewellery with Arabic details and materials are still very popular. The gold, silver, and copper are the most common used material for this category of jewellery. The gemstones are also widely used, especially colored gemstones such as topaz, opal, emerald, and turquoise, with precise cut and impressive reflections. Some noted names of Arabic jewellery in Dubai are exemplified here.

Damas jewellery is the first name. The brand is among the best luxury manufacturer in Dubai. It is coming from Syria and has enlarged its wings to the world, through the massive jewellery market in Dubai. The luxury choices of the products and the highest quality material and services make the brand becomes so popular and success. Unique designs of the products are available in the three concepts of Damas showroom; Damas 22K, Damas Semi-Exclusives, and Damas Les Exclusives. The stores are categorized based on someone’s budget, so it should be fit to everyone’s need.

Taiba is the other great name. It is the original Saudi Arabian jewellery brand that moves its headquarter to operate in Dubai. With Arabian jewellery typical design, the brand is now considered as Dubai brand. Gold is the main commodity used as the material of the brand’s products, even it has the famous biggest ring in the world. The company is not only giving offline store service, but also online shopping facility. The modern and well-designed website of the company is very pleasurable to visit. Samra jewellery, which is famous for its high quality diamond in the showroom, is the next great name. The company focuses its service to give the best quality diamonds for the diamond collectors and enthusiasts all over the world.

Next name, Al Futtaim jewellery, is coming from the great Al Futtaim group; that has various businesses in Dubai and has been successful to reach its glory today. Not only does it provide the best quality jewellery, it also becomes the official distributor for great names of luxury watches such as Esprit and Kolber in the UAE. The other more exclusive brand is Toujours Jewellery. This brand is very special because it only makes jewellery based on request using the handmade technique. A Saudi Arabian opens the business to give haute couture Arabic jewellery for the customers that appreciate exclusiveness and originality on the top of everything. The boutique of the brand is available in the Dubai Mall.

The last name is the senior in the jewellery industry, Al Zain jewellery. As one of the oldest jewellery company, it provides the best products of Arabian designed jewellery. Pearl used to be the main commodity of the jewellery, but now it also produces jewellery using the other materials.

All of the brands mentioned are only some of the Arabian brands of jewellery in Dubai. To make sure that you will have more references toward the real Arabian products, Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is very worthy to visit. This center of gold trading becomes the main gravitation of the international tourists, since it hosts hundreds of jewellers providing thousands of jewellery collections. The shopping malls in Dubai are also good places to visit to find the best Arabian accessories and jewellery.

The main Dubai malls in which jewellery market is very crowded are the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Shopping Centre, and Ibn Battuta Mall. The mentioned brands have vast collection of jewellery with Arabian culture as the background. Therefore, they may become the trendsetter that represents the real culture of Arabian people and how those people look jewellery as part of their culture. The history has proven that Arabian people have strong bond to their culture and it means that jewellery as part of their culture, will always be in its best quality. Visit the Arabian boutiques and jewellery stores, and you will witness yourself the beauty of the real Arabian masterpieces.

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