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There is no more festive jewellery market in the world than Dubai’s jewellery market. Many jewellers from local and international marketplace are gathering to provide the best quality jewellery for the collectors or jewellery enthusiasts. Modern or antique jewellery is available in every corner of the Dubai city of gold. The last mentioned jewellery means such extreme quality with ancient or simply old style jewellery that is created as the result of past artworks by the artisans. Since Dubai has strong cultural relationship with the culture from India and Iran, the old-fashioned design of the antiques become the entity which is widely sought by people. Uniqueness and the royal style from Mughal Empire become the properties of the antiques in Dubai. To exhibit the richness of the Dubai jewellery tradition, several special events are held in the region.

Art Antiques Design Dubai is the biggest event to watch the beauty of antiques from all over the world. The tradition and style of the antiques connect the culture of the Middle East with India. India, which has long tradition of jewellery making in its culture, becomes the first nation that create jewellery from gold and combined the jewellery with gemstones. The artworks, including the jewellery and the architectural designs are the results of the Islamic empires rule, which left legacy that remains live along with the existence of the society itself. The culture is the most precious gift for the India, and the area around the region. That is why, Dubai, as a city in the Middle Eastern region, pays attention to the two main cultures of Indian jewellery, which emphasize the identity of the antiques in Dubai.

The first style of antique culture of jewellery from India is related to the tradition of the Mughal court. People of Mughal were those who transferred the Persian artworks, literature, and even Islam, to the land of India. The Mughal ruled India from 1500s to 1800s and they transfer their culture to the people in India. Today’s Indian and Pakistani art and culture are greatly influenced by the tradition of the empire. It contains uniqueness and beauty, that will never be found in the other parts of the world. The antique jewellery from the Mughal civilization is very famous in Dubai. It is rare and unique, and has specific attraction that is only found through the creation of this series.

The other important antiques are coming from the region called Deccad Tamil Nadu. The territory of Deccan in Southern of India becomes the dwell of many people and it has very different culture from that in Northern India. The antiques from this area are very pricey due to its rarity and authenticity. The antique pieces from these regions are considered as important elements in every Art Antiques Designs event. They are the beautiful collection and reflection of the pastime, on which people considered jewellery as sacred entity. The antique jewellery of Dubai, which is greatly influenced by the Indian culture, has uniqueness in term of its gemstones. The Indian birthstones have specific healing power that will make the wearer of the stone has better level of health. The antique stones are precious birthstones. The attractive sapphire and Burmese diamond are the examples of the precious stones.

Finding the antiques in Dubai is not so hard. Other the special exhibition which has been mentioned before, there are also some jewellery markets that provide classic and antique products. For the first reference, Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is the place with highest probability of your finding the antiques. The place consists of hundreds of stores, providing impressive collections of jewellery from all over the world. Some manufacturers might produce modern jewellery, with vintage design.

The manufacturers which come from outside Dubai or International manufacturers usually open their showroom in the Dubai malls. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta Mall are some shopping malls with gold or jewellery shops. Being old does not necessarily mean being forgotten; the antiques have proven the idea. When the jewellery is coming far from these days, it may cost even higher than any other precious brand of jewellery today. Antique, is a unique choice of jewellery, yet the unforgettable one.

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