Jewellery Shopping in Dubai

Dubai jewellery industry has started to grow tremendously, especially in the past decade. By today, Dubai is one of the largest and most important centres in the Middle East for gold and diamond trading. Let us look at some of the most important Dubai jewellery brands and shops, which you should definitely check out while visiting this fantastic city.

Damas is the biggest Dubai jewellery brand for a couple of decades now. Handling a big part of the local and international jewellery market in Dubai the offer of Damas Jewellery is the biggest of its kind, which includes around 30 elite local and international brands of high profile watches and Dubai jewellery. Damas is a one of the kind business and by far the only one that has such a huge offer that it has decided to create three types of brand stores for it, which includes Damas Les Exclusives, Damas Semi-Exclusives and Damas 22K. Each store contains the best offers for a more targeted group of clients that arrive to buy high quality jewellery. Apart from its own showrooms, Damas also operates brand stores for the international brands it offers all around Dubai that also includes the Dubai jewellery showrooms of the world famous Tiffany and Co. Some of the best Dubai jewellery brands that you should definitely check out among the collections of Damas Jewellery include Farfasha, Farah, and Mantoorah featuring beautiful art pieces of Jewellery. Damas also releases special offers from time to time for celebrations and festivals, such as Ramadan or the Indian Diwali. Newest exclusive diamond collection of Damas is OneSixEight. You can find the showrooms of Damas Jewellery in basically every downtown shopping mall in Dubai and all around the United Arab Emirates.

Headquarered in the Dubai Gold Souk located in Deira, Pure Gold is one of the biggest brands, which features some of the most extensive collections of great quality Dubai Jewellery. Pure Gold features around 20 different collections, especially concentrating on diamond wedding and bridal collections, also featuring exclusive cocktail rings, great necklace sets and extensive sets of the most expensive high quality platinum jewellery. Pure Gold is really among the best Dubai jewellers, when it comes to quality, therefore it is a must-visit brand, once you are in Dubai.

One of Dubai’s own, Al Liali is among the most respected Dubai jewellers. Being famous for its exquisite diamond collections primarily, today Al Liali has a really wide array of variety when it comes to jewellery, from diamonds to quality coloured gemstones and from gold to silver, Al Liali’s collections are just beautiful, ranging from Western to Oriental in style. You are guaranteed to be able to find all the most beautiful designs of jewellery in here. Al Liali has been one of the Dubai Jewellers that operate in Dubai for the longest time. Today, you can find the stores of Al Aliali in the Dubai Gold Souk and in most of the downtown shopping malls of Dubai.

There are some of the best brands of Dubai jewellers, which you ought to visit if you would like to buy high quality Dubai jewellery. Dubai jewellers represent really an outstanding range and quality when it comes to jewellery and due to the fact that there is no tax in Dubai, here you can get great quality items for a lot less in price.

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